• Cinzia T'loak

    Cinzia T'loak

    A maiden Asari studying as a Xenolinguist at Starfleet Academy, at odds with her strict Justicar mother and struggling to find her place in the universe.
  • Maxfield Stone

    Maxfield Stone

    Maxfield is a Turian raised by humans. His birth parents died when he was an infant, born prematurely on a ship. This saved his life, as his incubator's extra shielding was all the kept him alive. His ship crashed on a human colony world, where he was ado
  • T'Vrai


    A rebellious Vulcan with a longing for the answer to the question; "what is a popsicle?"
  • Captain Andras Volsung

    Captain Andras Volsung

    A bear of a man with a lopsided sense of humor and a conspicuous obsession for ancient Norse mythos.
  • Emma Trent

    Emma Trent

    A Fourth-Year Engineering cadet who can swear like a Batarian smuggler and has trouble keeping up with her studies.
  • Jeffrey


    "The man made of light came in with loud noises! Do not want him here!"
  • Ridan Tanar

    Ridan Tanar

    A Fourth-Year Salarian cadet Medical major who really enjoys "happy little synaptic patterns."
  • Space-mole-with-scar-on-nose


    A fatherly space-mole that seems to care more for the wellbeing of its species' yonge than ripping a hapless Vorcha to shreds.
  • Yeng'var


    An exciteable first-year cadet Shalari who doesn't know when to stop talking.