Assumed Prison Colony

It looks to be underground, with bio-luminescent moss providing a steady, although gloomy, white light. Massive system of caves where people of all races and walks of life are trapped. It is not known why certain ones are chosen to be ‘detained’ here, and they do not know who the person in charge of this dark place is. Gangs and mercenary bands tend to crop up, but they do not stay for long— the residents of the caves have a nasty habit of disappearing at random in bright columns of light.


The Atrium

A large communal cave that boasts a 75-foot ceiling that is lit with bioluminescent fungi and mosses, creating an overcast wash of light. The Atrium acts as a ‘town square’ of sorts, being a gathering-place for most residents; including merchants selling their goods, or residents trading stories or testing their skills against one another. New arrivals fall into the Atrium via a chute set into a wall— the Sons of Kahless faction openly declares their ownership and ‘first rights’ to this particular area of the Atrium.

Key features:

  • Is one of the few large, open, and well-lit spaces in the cave system
  • Has a small scattering of stalactites on the ceiling
  • On the far side of the Atrium is a broken-off stump of a large stalagmite that rises 10 feet or so into the air; its top having been roughly fashioned into a throne-like chair. Vok, leader of the Sons of Kahless faction, often sits here, hunched and staring out over the happenings in the Atrium.

The Chasm

The site of a previous cave-in, creating a massive ampitheatre-like open space, where the mouths of many tunnels have now been exposed to the open, stale air. A section of dark caves where space-moles make their home. Large deposits of minerals and different fungi grow here. It is a plentiful harvesting ground.

The Catacombs

In the bowels of the cave system.

The Crypt

Where the dead bodies are placed. It is so cold and dark that the bodies do not decay down there. There have been rumours of ghosts, however. Some of the cave’s more suspicious residents claim the crypts are haunted.

Assumed Prison Colony

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