Star date 31.7.2012

Welcome aboard the ASF Peregrine.

This campaign is the bastard lovechild of a group of sci-fi fans who love the great sci-fi epics of today, including imaginative universes found within the Star Trek, Alien, and Mass Effect franchises. The political and intellectual appeal of Star Trek as a utopian ideal of the future was incredibly inspiring, as was the expansive and intriguing universe of Mass Effect, with its less utopian ideals, inter-species tensions, and true diversity of humanoid and non-humanoid alien species. Even Alien, with its concept of cryo-freezing and lonely months spent deep in space, had its own merits. Combined together, this ultimate sci-fi fan’s world is a sandbox of creativity and opportunity. Stay tuned to see what happens in this penultimate of sci-fi mashups!

ASF Peregrine

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